What IS Fight Club?

Sponsored By Omne Datum Optimum, one of the Founding Cabals in the Secret World,

Father Duffy's Fight Club is an Event in the Secret World.

On an irregular but roughly Monthly schedule we get together in the Seoul Fight Club and beat the snot out of each other.
The Equal Footing Buff in the Seoul Fight Club makes all players more or less equal, disappointing Griefers and when you fall, there are no fees or repairs.

There are NO Prizes, Costs, AP, XP, or SP only chaotic fun, trash talk and Camaraderie.
Oh, and there's FREE BEER!!

It's the most friendly PVP in the history of PVP!
And you can join us! ODO opens this to all comers.
Members of other Cabals and unaffiliated independents are welcome!
Any player who can get to Seoul can fight, the buff giving them a fair chance.
C'mon! Join the Fun! There are violence-free accommodations for spectators too!
Consult this site (http://fdfc.info) to see when the next Fight Club is scheduled.

Unheard of

Chaotic Fun!
low pressure PvP!

How does this work?

On the Designated date at the designated time, head to Seoul.
The Fight Club is on the map in the Southwest corner.
Click on the Gate and enter the FC. You'll be in the Gallery.
If you wish to just watch, stay there and enjoy.
When you wish to join in, just enter the playfield.
After 10 seconds or so you'll be set to PVP.
Kick some arse. Get your arse handed to you.
When you fall, you'll respawn on the lower floor of the gallery.
Smacktalk the person who done you wrong, jump back in and seek Justice.
As a rule, it's a free-for-all Battle Royale.
Kill anything that moves or go lie in wait. The Playfield is huge.
Do as thou wilt.
No One Wins Fight Club, No One Loses Fight Club!
There's a Discord Channel and an in-game text chat.
Officially FDFC lasts an Hour.
After Official Fight Club ends, Participants can continue seamlessly to
"Unofficial Clothing-Optional Fight Club After Hours".


FDFC Sun Aug 29th
 - 2pm Eastern

Free Beer!


Join us for an amazing PvP  adventure!

To attend Fight Club, JUST SHOW UP!


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What do the Fighters Say ?

"Awesome, ... I had a really good time and haven't laughed that hard in ages. I had expected it to be a somewhat ... different atmosphere, given how things internet gaming are these days (I haven't done anything PvP for a long time.) so I didnt expect it to be anywhere near as much fun.-MrF"
"Yeah, I it was reeeeaally fun.-C"
"I know I had a lot of fun, thanks for putting it on!-K"

"A large part of the postive feedback I've heard about Fight Club mentions its edge over other PvP type things due to the fact that it's so relaxed,
fun and not overly structured or competitive.-C."
"I enjoy this version of pvp because it's friendly mayhem rather than spawn-camping a-holes griefing players that aren't as skilled at pvp
then laughing and calling them noobs (and yeah, that's every other pvp experience I've had 'till now).-G"

discord link (valid 1 day before fight club)