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About Omne Datum Optimum 

ODO is one of the Founding Fifty cabals, which means we've been around since before TSW launched, and we're still going strong!
Our membership covers all levels of the game. We have veterans who have been around since TSW beta and new players who have only started playing SWL recently.
We have members who enjoy taking the game at a slow pace, we have people who love to PvP, we have hardcore raiders, achievement hunters,
lore hunters, active RPers and people who just enjoy having a chat.
As a cabal, we have tried to create a fun and friendly atmosphere where people can relax and unwind whilst enjoying the game. We also have many players who have strong links with the Sanctuary network.
We believe that everyone should have fun playing Secret World, and if we can help out newer players, we will do so gladly.
We have plenty of theorycrafters in the cabal, so questions about builds are actively encouraged!
There are many veterans who can give advice and explain how different mechanics or encounters work - sometimes it's harder to get us to shut up than it is to get advice!.
We have people running lairs, raids or dungeons on a daily basis, striving to help each other get achievements or just gear up.


The cabal is administered by a round table of officers and the Grand Master - a role that rotates through the officers.
Instead of having one person holding all the power, we believe a more democratic system helps create a better community for all involved.
We do our best to resolve any problems that may arise within the Cabal. We are happy to support the initiative of any of our members, and try to help implement any good ideas people come up with!


In terms of what we don't do, our golden rule is - as one of our members put it - "don't be a dick."
We ask that our members respect each other and act with courtesy both in the Cabal as well as in the wider Secret World community.
We don't like elitism - it's an attitude which we try to discourage in our members.
Instead of putting people down, we believe in constructive criticism and encouragement, to create a supportive community that is willing to work together to achieve great things!


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